The 1Life Project is using technology to save lives.

Imagine a day when artificial intelligent computer systems are watching your communities and alerting your community police and EMS when there is an overdose cluster forming.

Imagine technology helping you save lives.  Why wait until there are 6 dead on the same street from a bad batch of drugs?

Welcome to the 1Life Project. We are a team of software engineers developing an artificial intelligence (AI ) engine, which we call PREDX™ to take this fight to the next level: using AI to predict the next crisis and prevent it.  Learn more about PREDX™ here.

At the 1Life Project, it’s all about saving 1Life.

Artificial Intelligence is a life line in this fight.

The 1Life Project is arming our communities with technology.

Want our help?


Message from PREDX™     ALERT:  There’s a cluster forming on Main Street, YourTown.  2 dead of Heroin overdoses.  22 and 23 years old.  Party.

Click.  See the movement of overdoses on a map.  Deploy law enforcement.  Deploy nearby EMS.

Click.  Notify nearby hospitals to be on guard.  Deploy fentanyl strips around the area so users can test their drugs and save their 1Life.

Click.  Evaluate historical trends like peak times of day or year.  Prepare resources.

Click.  Take action.

Together we can save 1life.

The 1Life Project.

Find out how it can help your community.  Email:  info@1life.io

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