Why 1Life?

Deaths from opioid overdoses continue to rise.¹

The 1Life Project built a state of the art technology platform to coordinate care for opioid overdose patients – and monitor communities for overdose spikes.

The system called the Hudson Valley Interlink Analytic System (HVIAS) is currently running in three hospitals in the Hudson Valley, NY.  Co-designed together with the National Guard’s Counter Drug Task Force in New York State, as well as Catholic Charities the technology platform is a first of its kind employing machine and deep learning to find patterns of overdoses and broadcast care needs real time to local community care givers.

Our lego-like modular technology interfaces with other community-built computer tools to rapidly and effectively transition survivors in hospital ERs  into the hands of treatment providers.

Now that’s saving lives – and moving the needle towards a connected community for our opioid sufferers.

The 1Life Project.  Using technology to fight for lives.




¹ https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/p0329-drug-overdose-deaths.html