Why 1Life?

All of us only have 1 Life.  We at The 1Life Project take that seriously.   Deaths from opioid overdoses continue to rise.¹  And we’ve decided to fight the battle with data and AI technology.

The 1Life Project,  powered by Competitive Solutions, Inc.  is collecting data on OD incidences, and connecting communities to fight the opioid crisis.

We are creating tools that make data accessible, open, and sharable for research, care givers, community coalitions and agencies.  Our tools tie the care teams and communities together so patients don’t fall through – what we call -the “cracks of care”.

We know connecting communities works because we’re doing it right now.  Our technology is live in New York.  And we’re proving it.

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Imagine this.  A patient overdoses and is taken to the hospital.  After his/her care is completed, they are greeted in the hospital emergency room by a peer support specialist.  A warm, caring person.   The peer support specialist helps them talk things out and puts a plan together for further help.  Getting a peer support specialist fast means getting our patients access to treatment faster.  A game changer.

Connecting the communities.

Or – imagine this.  Multiple overdoses are arriving at the hospital from the same area in town.  A system is being updated with the overdose information and detects a cluster forming.  Our system alerts community responders and agencies so they can quickly mobilize to the area in need.  Makes sense, right?

PreDX™.  Watching your community 24/7.

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The 1Life Project.  Using technology to save lives.

Email us at info@1life.io and we’ll be happy to set up a call with you to learn more.

¹ https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/p0329-drug-overdose-deaths.html