You Hear What You See — Pictures Can Help End The Opioid Epidemic

You’re probably familiar with the saying: “A picture tells a thousand words”. But have you heard this quote from Doris Day? “You hear what you SEE.” She was right. The pictures we see from the opioid epidemic data, tells us stories that we can understand and remember.

Should we show you lines and lines of opioid epidemic data or a picture that depicts that data?  Which would you prefer?

The data images displayed on our computers are VISUALIZATIONS.  That’s the technical term.  Pictures = Visualizations.

THE 1LIFE PROJECT knows pictures can help SAVE LIVES.

OUR NATIONAL OPIOID DATA CENTER will INFORM our community of responders with the visualizations they need to save lives and end the opioid epidemic. The CDC has recently reported that the opioid epidemic is getting worse and they have reached conclusions by measuring the data.

We can do it.  WE WILL DO IT!



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