Momentum Has Picked Up For The 1Life Project National Opioid Data Center!

The Data Informed Opioid Response Collaborative met recently, and the 1Life Project unveiled the login of our National Opioid Data Center.

Marisa Barbieri with the National Guard at the Data Informed Opioid Response Collaborative.
Marisa Barbieri pictured with the National Guard at the Data Informed Opioid Response Collaborative.

We are thrilled to see momentum picking up for this project. This work becomes increasingly important as opioid deaths increase at an alarming rate.

115 Americans are dying each day from the national opioid epidemic.

The opioid epidemic is recognized as a national crisis. The 1Life Project is developing solutions to address it through our opioid data tracking software. As our legislators and community officials come together to address the opioid epidemic, it is important that they understand the full picture. Data visualizations are one of the most efficient ways of displaying overwhelming amounts of information.

Data is showing us correlations that provides insight on the opioid epidemic critical to progress and change.

Communities can organize better prevention efforts, when they understand the entire problem through data.

Healthcare facilities can track death waves and issue citizen warnings when trends appear in the data. 

Detecting deadly substances and unsafe “using practices” are apparent in trends in the epidemic.

We can improve outreach and treatment by understanding the rates of hospital readmissions, patient demographics, the.

Recently the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 was introduced to the Senate, mandating the use of digital solutions in response to the escalating epidemic. The 1Life Project is currently creating these solutions, we can help support your community, together we can save a life. Contact us today for more information at


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