Our Work

For the National Guard’s Counter Drug Task Force, we rebuilt their overdose tracking tool and embedded our PreDX™  overdose tracker to monitor communities and broadcast overdose spikes.

The technology platform is a first of its kind employing rule-based code to find patterns of overdoses and broadcast care needs in real time to local community care givers.

Now, if an overdose spike is forming in our communities, PreDX will send out warning texts to the community of responders alerting them to act fast and deploy intervention.

PreDX™.  Watching your community 24/7.

Our team of clinicians, engineers and health data specialists built this health platform.  It’s installed, running and keeping communities safe.

A healthcare professional entering data into the National Opioid Data Center.
PreDX™monitors your community.


PreDX™ is at the interface between humans and machines to help save 1Life.

Embed PreDX™ into your EMR, run it standalone, bolt it on to any platform.

Shoot us an email.  We’ll tell you how to get it.  PreDX™.

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